The Relationship Between Human Resource Practices And Business Strategy In A Business Organization

The relationship between human resource practices and a company’s business strategy are aligned in many ways. The ultimate goal of the alignment is to use human capital as instrument to maximize the organization assets for the benefit of the stakeholders. Below are some of the relationship between human resource practices and business strategy.


Human resource practices create the process for the development of employees’ knowledge and the skill-set across the organization to promote its core competencies that support and maintain its competitive advantage in the industry. The term “strategic HRM” is the new template in the management of modern organization that is anchored on the concept that the most valuable asset an organization provides itself is HR, since it is the tool that is responsible for the coordination and implementation of other factors of production that spurs corporate performance journals

The business strategy adopts by an organization is meant to showcase how it intend to succeed by using the factors of production at its disposal to build a competitive advantage, strategy-business. Business strategy helps to identify the direction that the organization wishes to go in relation to its environment. Human resource strategies manage human resource so that the goals set by the organization can be achieved. The focus is directed on what the business intentions are as they relate to human resource policies and practices. Therefore, how human resource is spread across the organization’s units and departments, motivated, managed and retained will affect the performance outcome after the business strategy has been implemented. The relationship between business strategy and human resource practices also would determine the organization competitive and performance outcome.

A glimpse into Oya Erdil & Ayse Gunsel’s ‘BUSINESS STRATEGY AND HUMAN RESOURCE STRATEGY- THE INTERACTION’ shows there is a relationship between human resource management practices and an organization business strategy, which also could be referred to as the business environment and organizational development. Another defining aspect of that relationship is the across the board acceptance that an organization’s human resource management practices have a link to the firm’s decision making process, in other words, the HR practices be closely aligned with the strategy of the whole business. While there is not much disagreement as pertaining to the relationship between HR practices and business strategy, there is a tendency not to acknowledge the deeper nature of the relationship. The theory of human resource management opined that should employees be considered and managed as a valued strategic asset, the organization in practice would be able to achieve a competitive advantage, and the outcome will be a superior performance. This again, means managing human resource in such a way that it will correspond to the business strategy, being that the goals and process of each of the strategy profiles are different.

According to Oya Erdil & Ayse Gunsel, this relationship is further entrenched when you look at how human resource practices are selected based on competitive strategy espoused by the organization. An organization that coordinates its business strategy and human resources policies and practices achieve a superior performance outcome than those that do not.


As explained by Rob Gray’s ‘Aligning performance management with business strategy,’ some employers could be missing the key factor that links performance management to strategy and culture. For it is an organization’s prevailing culture and practices that will determine the optimum use of its valuable asset (human beings) when its business strategy is aligned with its human resource practices. The right tools are needed if employers are to succeed in aligning their human resource management to its business strategy. The era of using performance review and appraisal as the only tools for performance, management solutions have since been replicated by a complete suite of competency measurement tools. These tools are able to assist employees to understand the means and learning resources through which they can effectively develop their skills and talent. Technology is one of the enablers but needs commitment from top down that is important for a high performance culture.


Edward E. Lawler lll’s, ‘What should HR Leaders Focus On In 2014′ gives a deep insight into how business entities could achieve a superior outcome for their shareholders. While technology is a valued enabler that spurs performance leading to superior outcome for an organization, another thing that should be a thing of focus for HR is the aspect of talent management that assesses the necessary skills every organization needs to implement its business strategy, the plan for recruitment and the management of critical talent. Even though, talent has long been determined to be important, it is of recent becoming more so given that many businesses are performing knowledge based work that is more complex, and with operations in the global markets. This has led to the situation of performance talent having a great impact on the organization’s bottom line. Google, Amazon, Apple, and other techs and service organizations have done a tremendous job of recruiting and managing people around the world that have the needed critical knowledge based skills. Their talented workforce have been able to perform well, differentiate their companies from competitors across industries which have translated to a pattern of communication that relays their type of employees and the jobs they offer.


Innovation is another standard of performance management,, that when effectively coordinated with an organization business objectives lead to a superior performance outcome. When an organization devote a substantial amount of time to innovation and business strategy, and both are valued equally, promoted across the board, and well communicated, a culture would exist naturally which will foster a relationship of the two. The fostered culture creates a top down business objectives that are communicated across the board in the organization, that enable all units to focus in addressing the organization’s short and long-term goals. From then, it becomes the innovators’ task to forge an alignment of their activities in support of the organization’s goals. The various ways to naturally coordinate both camps is the joint development of technology/product, and business road maps that encourage discussion and debate, forging links that guides actions. Successful performance outcome are highlighted through internal business and fairs, using the avenue to raise visibility for long term opportunities.


Diversity in an organization plays a significant role in forging a link between performance management and business strategy. There is a business case for diversity in the organization based on the evidence and arguments that both believe that when diversity is leveraged in an organization, it can contribute to the achievement of the company’s goals and priorities. To understand the relevance of diversity to the attainment of business objectives, the type of diversity under consideration has to be relevant to business performance and innovation

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Correct information the Human

hi there my valuable brother,guest Posting
The human has been created inside the simply centre of the values inside the Universe. he is one of the maximum honourable of the creatures. he’s a precious and revered creature. If we are able to apprehend the human in a correct way, it becomes feasible to recognize plenty of factors in a correct way.
There are 5 lifestyles dimensions of the human.
# Substance dimension: The human in this dimension isn’t always exclusive from a timber, stone or soil
the first of those is his “substance” measurement. The human is not a ware along with the beef, bone and blood pochette as intended by way of some materialists. The element such as the beef, bone and blood of the human is his matter. He isn’t always unique from different materials while he is evaluated inside the scope of this size. He can be measured, weighed, and analyzed bodily and chemically together with all of the different topics. The human is just like wooden, stone or soil, in this measurement. (Please take into account our corpse being entombed)
# Physiological measurement: The complete liveliness activities start in this dimension
The liveliness of the human begins with the physiological size. namely the second size of the human is “the physiological events” measurement. This measurement is a dinamic structure as been in all dwelling creatures. There are the power generating mechanisms on the only hand, and there are the biosentesis mechanisms the usage of this produced power however. The transfer of power is provided by means of the coenzyme ATP (Adenosin tri phosphate) between those two systems. The hundreds of various chemical substances such as enzymes, coenzymes, chemical organization transferors, electron transporters and many others. participate on this physiological machine. similarly, there may be an electrical and hormonal mechamism which controls this physiological shape ahead and backward. The human on this dimension is much like the vegetation besides the nervous machine.(recall the fame of someone in coma.)
# psychological size: This measurement is a dimension that it’s far established the reciprocal courting with environment
The 0.33 of the lifestyles dimensions of the human is “the psychological activities” measurement. that is a dimension that the psychic events start inside the human frame. all of the psychical phenomena including attention, perception, memory, association, focus, intelligence, sense and excitements, passions take place in this size. The human in this size is a creature who possesses attention. he is aware of his surroundings. he’s in a reciprocal relationship with his periphery. He perceives the consequences coming via the sense organs. He techniques and interprets those knowledges being obtained. He constitutes ideas from them. He saves and uses them in case of need. The human on this dimension is similar to the animals in many respects. (do not forget the case of a man without motive)
# reason size: This dimension is a size that the human gains “character”
The human is separated from the alternative animals via the “cause” size. this is the fourth size of the human. “purpose” is a wondering and figuring out mechanism. simplest human has reason, animals have now not. it’s far used to shape greater complicated choices and judgements from easy premises. accordingly, the human does not confine himself simplest to perceive and pick out his periphery, but on the identical time, he does a few analysis, synthesis and commentaries as a result of his thoughts, which those are used for estimating the things to be in future. And he decides and adjudges primarily based on those. those are the capabilities belonging best to the individual, now not present at the alternative animals.
An essential changing is observed at both inside and outside of the human lifestyles, after the “cause” will become a part of the activity, on the fourth dimension. the advent of this new production is known as as “ego” when it’s far found from the internal, and is known as as “personality” when it’s far determined from the outdoor.
that is a phenomenon this is similar to turning into a “nation” of an ethnic people. An ethnic group has got a few selection-maker mechanisms after turning into “the kingdom”. these businesses take some choices, set up some policies, legislate some legal guidelines in their opinion. and that they meet with the advantageous and bad reactions of the alternative states by using motive of those decisions taken with the aid of them. Like this, a human turning into a seperate personality by oneself also lives the same things because of the selections taken by him. he is a creature that produces ideas, places forward proposals, and possesses a few demands, now. specifically, he possesses volition, opinion and vote; shortly he possesses a “persona”. (recollect a man who analyses, synthesises, plans, manages, puts forward a few opinions.)
however, at the human who hasn’t but handed via a divine training in this size, the commentaries, selections and judgments arise always below the control of ego, and inside the course of ego’s demands, desires and greeds. due to the fact, the human in this dimension is a man that he couldn’t know his ego, he could not cross past his ego, he could not get rid of his ego and egoism yet. he is an selfish individual but. The “good” and “horrific” concepts also are taken shape in keeping with the ego’s desires in this size. In different announcing, the entirety being suitable for his non-public advantage is “suitable”, but the whole lot being adverse to his private benefit is “horrific”. because of this, the human in this measurement can by no means be rid of getting a double widespread.
# moral size: This measurement is a size that the human will become a perfect human with the divine education
Ego is the most vital cause of each evil and hassle which has befallen. furthermore, it is fairly effective. The human can be rid of the hegemony of his ego most effective with the aid of assist of the creator, with the aid of passing thru a divine training. the start of this divine schooling is “the faith”. The 5th dimension of the human starts offevolved with “the faith”. The important dimension of the human is the 5th measurement that makes the human “a true human” in actual meaning of the phrase. The 5th dimension is the “moral” size.
by means of this divine education, the egoistical “humanistic personality” obtained on the “reason” size disappears, and a new “heavenly persona”, which comes to a decision and adjudges according with the desire of the Almighty author, takes it is location. the person in this new persona constantly holds the consent of God in the front of the entirety and makes every factor for the sake of God. With this new divine character, the human is also borne away the peaks of the non secular maturenesses, which has been vouchsafed to no other residing creature at this wold. At this dimension, the “scale” the usage of by means of the thoughts also changes. The “divine consent” scale takes the region of the “character gain” scale. on this manner, the human possesses a great, altruistic and selfless moral individual being directed via the writer, in vicinity of a horrific and egoistic ethical man or woman being directed through ego.(do not forget a mature, gracious, nicely-mannered human, having a terrific morale.)
every factor modifications in the life of the human in consequence of passing to the fifth “ethical” measurement. The human turns into first-class, graceful, decent, trustworthy, serious, mellow, ripe, tolerant, uncomplaining, beneficial, merciful, righteous, gracious, beneficiant, resigned, now not hurry and confusion in his works, in any such way that utterly awesome from the previous measurement. in short he will become “a real human”. that is a state of affairs that looks at the human in effect of getting ethical values which belonging to God and His prophets, via passing through the divine education. this kind of human growing to the 5th measurement is a valuable and respected creature, now. The human in this reputation is the khalif of His God on the world.
# The human rises to the 5th dimension handiest with “faith”
My pricey Brother,
Of path, to be reached the high character and morality at the 5th dimension by way of a human isn’t always a lot clean. that is an extended way, with usaand downs. To be slowly or fast of the visiting isn’t vital here. a person reachs to the vacation spot early or past due while he has long past into this manner. The most critical be counted here is to consent to be knowledgeable by way of his God in the beginning, via abandoning his vanity and preserving his modesty.

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